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Chicago Discount Hotel - How to Find Discounted Chicago Hotels

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Chicago is world famous for its delicious food, great sport teams, and tall skyscrapers. It is a wonderful place to visit. If you are planning a vacation to Chicago, where you stay can be the most important decision to make. When taking a vacation, you never want to come back in debt. Finding a discounted Chicago hotel is easy, if you know where to begin.
When you plan on taking the vacation is key. The right time of year can save you big bucks! The ideal time to visit Chicago is the winter. The summer months offer an endless selection of special events, which tends to bring in large crowds of people. According to the supply and demand theory, hotels can drive up prices during the busy season. The weather also tends to be too hot and muggy during the summer. If you’re looking for the cheapest hotel rates in Chicago, travel between December and March.
Decide what type of hotel you would like. Figure out which amenities are most important to you. There are countless hotels in Chicago. Choose from bed and breakfasts, spas, luxury and budget-friendly hotels. Read all the reviews once you have decided on the type of hotel. Just because a hotel is pricey, doesn’t mean it is the best.
Check a few travel sites to compare rates. Comparison shopping is the name of the game. Use the web to search for discount codes, too. Contact the hotel and ask the nightly rates. Ask if the rates drop at any time during the month.
If you don’t mind a surprise, try booking through a site like Hotwire.com. You can get an excellent rate on a quality hotel. The only catch is that you do not know the name of the hotel. Hotwire.com will reveal the name of the deeply discounted Chicago hotel once you have booked and paid for the room. You are able to view the amenities, star-rating, and location, however.

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