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House Of Blues Hotel Chicago - Find a good hotel near the House of Blues

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The famous House of Blues performance hall was built in 1996 to honor the city’s long history of blues and funk music, most famously honored and parodied in the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers.” The massive structure boasts a large number of stages and performance areas, and was designed to imitate the layout and construction of the famous Estavovski opera house in Prague, although using modern materials and amenities. In addition to modern art, it features a number of unusual features, such as an iron box of Mississippi River mud directly beneath the main stage. It has been host to thousands of performances, and despite the “Blues” name, it has hosted many sorts of musical acts, from Jurassic 5 to the Backstreet Boys to Pearl Jam. It has restaurants and amenities for private parties, including skyboxes and other secluded VIP areas.

The one thing the House of Blues does not have, however, is a hotel. Instead, visitors must rely on the large number of hotels in the area. Because the House of Blues is located on the waterfront in one of Chicago’s most expensive areas, the hotels nearest the House of Blues are luxury in nature, offering up the finest amenities available. In fact, Chicago’s most famous five-star hotels are only a short drive away from the House of Blues, and a number of more moderate luxury facilities are directly across the street from the House of Blues. Those looking for less expensive accommodations must be content to choose a hotel which is a bit further away, but the extensive train and subway system allows for even those who aren’t renting a car to get around Chicago with relative ease.

The popularity of the House of Blues and the frequency of concerts mean that it is often possible to get a package deal. Many high priced hotels will cut their rates for ticket holders, and many travel companies offer complete vacation and performance packages that are much less expensive than purchasing the hotel and ticket separately. Even some bargain groups will arrange for a less expensive hotel and ticket, with transportation being arranged.

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