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Budget Hotels London - What to Expect From Budget Hotels London

single or double

Owners and managers of budget hotels in London are very accommodating, but only up to a point. Find out how to pay and when the balance of the bill is due before you arrive. Some budget hotels, London or nearby, will accept Euros as well as pounds Sterling or credit cards. London is one of the few places in Europe that still accepts travellers’ checks, but again, you should check with the particular hotel before going to your room.

What’s Inside

A typical room in the many budget hotels in London is basically a bed, a light, a roof and a place to stash belongings. This stashing place could be a small chest of drawers or a narrow wardrobe. Don’t count on there being a television. Usually there is a phone, but sometimes this is in a hallway and not actually in your room. The same applies for bathrooms. You may have one, but most likely you will be using a communal bathroom with everyone else in your wing.

Most small rooms in budget hotels in London will have a sink and small electric kettle and a cup. There may be tea bags, sugar packets, creamer and packets of instant coffee, but often there is not enough for one person, let alone more. Bring bags of tea or instant coffee with you or plan to nip off to the local shop to get them.

Single or Double

Budget hotels in London cater to couples or at least two people forced to travel together. This means that there are very few rooms designed to be stayed in by just one person. Don’t be put off if a budget hotel is out of single rooms. Ask for a double. It’s often not much more expensive than a single.

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