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Longview Texas Hotels - How to Find Longview Texas Hotels

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Nestled within the towering pine trees of east Texas, Longview offers small-town charm, fine dining, and a diverse selection of hotel accomodations. The town boasts over two dozen hotels, ranging from economy to luxury.

Start your search for Longview Texas hotels by using an online search engine or by calling the East Texas Tourism Association (800-766-3349) to request an information packet. Next, decide which type of accomodation best suits your needs. Would you prefer the intimicay and charm of a bed and breakfast, the amenities of a luxury hotel, or the affordability of an economy chain?

Next, determine which area of the city you’d like to stay in. The heart of Longview offers retail, restaurants, museums, and theater. On the other hand, the rural area surrounding Longview offers the natural beauty of forests and lakes. Determine which attractions best suit your interests.

Then, determine the length of your stay. If you plan to stay in Longview for quite some time, an extended stay hotel such as Homewood Suites may best meet your needs. If you wish to save money by eating in your room, you may wish for a hotel that includes a refrigerator. On the other hand, if you plan a quick trip to Longview and don’t anticipate spending much time in your hotel room, you may not need these extras.

Finally, comparison shop for the best rate. There are many national chain hotels in Longview, such as Comfort Suites and Holiday Inn Express. Visit these hotels’ website or use a price shopping site to secure the best rate. If you belong to any discount organizations such as AAA, be sure to request the member rate. Once you’ve found a great Longview Texas hotel, prepare to take a deep breath and enjoy the woodsy scent of pine!

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