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Manhattan Cheap Hotels

jane west cruise liner

Manhattan cheap hotels may seem like an oxymoron. Although it’s true that any dingy, rundown hostel would count as “cheap,” those aren’t places where anyone would look forward to staying. For lodging that’s clean, charming, and has a friendly staff and great location, look no further than the Jane Hotel.

Located on Jane Street in the West Village, the building now known as the Jane Hotel has been standing for over a century. That history isn’t lost, as the hotel has taken on an early 20th century cruise-liner theme. A genuine bell boy awaits you as you arrive and assists you to your room.

What makes the Jane Hotel so affordable is that most of the rooms replicate train/cruise-liner couchettes. This means that they are about as small as rooms can get, which clearly saves plenty of space. Even though the rooms are small, they are so authentic that that they are endearing instead of feeling cramped. As of March 2010, a single room is priced under $70 a night. Not bad for New Jersey, let alone Manhattan.

Speaking of the area, the West Village is one of the trendiest spots in the city. Other hotels in the neighborhood cost twice as much, and only fairly well off people can afford to live there. There are restaurants and nightclubs at every turn. Luckily for guests of the Jane Hotel, they don’t have to sacrifice location for price.

Manhattan may be known for its exorbitant prices, but it’s also a place with plenty of hidden treasures. The Jane Hotel is one of them. For Manhattan cheap hotels that still offer a pleasant stay, the Jane is a must visit.

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