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Chicago Drake Hotel - The Chicago Drake Hotel - Still One Of A Kind

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For nearly one hundred years the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago has been the ultimate place to stay. Favored by royalty and movie stars, the Drake is more than an exquisite hotel; it is the definition of luxury.

The hotel, located right near Michigan Avenue has 535 rooms available for its guests. Large banquet halls are available for special occasions. Many unique and beautiful weddings have taken place within the hotel over the last 9 decades. A fully functioning business center and convention space is available for businesses needing to impress their clients.

The hotel has had a long and vivid history. The famous radio show “Amos & Andy” was broadcast from the hotel in the 1920’s. Famous people from around the world have stayed n the hotel including the late Princess Diana, Winston Churchill and Queen Marie of Romania.

The Drake Hotel continues today, as it has for nearly a century, to be the prime luxury hotel of downtown Chicago. The commitment by the hotel to maintain above average standards in appearance, amenities, customer service and dining experiences is what keeps the Drake a world class hotel.

No longer owned by the Drake Brothers, the Drake Hotel is now part of the Hilton family of luxury resorts.

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