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Orlando Hotel Rates - Orlando Hotel Rates and Amenities: Balance Is Best

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It’s possible to find unbelievably good Orlando hotel rates, even at hotels just outside Disneyworld or Universal Studios. However, great rates should not be your only consideration when choosing your Orlando hotel. Some hotels with slightly higher rates are a better deal because of their amenities.

Some Orlando hotels with low rates are no-frills places, providing you little more than a lumpy mattress on which to sleep. For just a little more money, you might find a hotel near this one offering amenities like shuttle service to Disney and Universal, a generous continental breakfast, and mattresses comfortable enough that you can actually rest out the kinks from your long day sightseeing or playing.

An example: there is a cluster of hotels just outside the Disneyworld main gates ranging from very low priced no-frills hotels to moderate-priced business-class hotels. You find that there is an $11-a-day parking fee at Disneyworld, and that your family will pay about $15 for breakfast. Does it make sense to spend an extra $26 per day on a better class of hotel with more comfortable beds, and take advantage of their free shuttle service and continental breakfast? Probably.

Before deciding on a hotel outside the gates of a theme park, take a good look at the hotels offered on the grounds. Disney hotels often have surprisingly low rates, and offer amenities like discount meal plans, special park bonuses, and free parking throughout Disneyworld for their guests. While those cheap Orlando hotel rates in the standard chains may seem attractive, they may not be as good a bargain when you look at your whole vacation package.

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