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The Sea World Orlando water park, in the Orlando Disney World area has become one of Florida’s premier tourist attractions. The stars of the show are the Orcas, better known as killer whales, the biggest being a gigantic twelve thousand pounder named Tikilum. They perform at the seven million gallon Shamu Stadium.

Sea World Orlando is a theme park and marine zoological park which opened in 1973, covering 200 acres. Within it are Sea World Waterfront is modeled after a mediterranean village with the 400 foot Sky Tower, plus shops and restaurants. Key West at Sea World is a copy of that southernmost city. It holds stingray and dolphin exhibits where people can feed them, plus alligators and other animals. Shamu’s Happy Harbor is the children’s play area with rides and a mini-fortress.

During the busiest times the park has nightly fireworks displays. Of the four roller coaster rides, the Manta is the newest, where riders are suspended under a flying stingray. Bayside stadium sets the stage for frequent music concerts and special events, while the Nautilus theater hosts an acrobatic show.

Turtle Cove is where rescued sea turtles are displaye in a shallow pool with a beach. Manatee Rescue is where injured manatees are rehabilitated. Shark’s Underwater Grill is inside Shark Encounter, is where people can enjoy a great dinner alongside marine life.

Combined with the adjacent Discovery Cove and Aquatica water parks, it forms an entertainment complex devoted to the world’s oceans and their diverse marine life. There are plentiful accomodations surrounding the parks.

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