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Warsaw Poland Hotels - Choosing Warsaw, Poland Hotels

downtown warsaw, poland hotels

Choosing a hotel to stay at when visiting Warsaw, Poland depends highly on what part of Warsaw you plan on visiting. Because of the size of Warsaw, many visitors concentrate their sightseeing, shopping and nightlife in the vicinity of their Warsaw hotel although travel between the districts is easy through a well-developed public transit system built between trams, the metro and buses.

Downtown Warsaw, Poland Hotels

Downtown Warsaw has the highest concentration and variety of accommodations. If visitors wish to be near the airport and be at the “centre of the centre” of Warsaw, staying near the Palace of Culture is the most convenient. The highest rated Warsaw hotel near the Palace of Culture is the four-star Polonia Palace. This 1913 Art Nouveau-style hotel has 206 rooms and an on-site restaurant. The hotel is near the National Museum, Zacheta Gallery, the Royal Castle and several gardens.

Other hotels in the area include Aparthotel Zgoda, Holiday Inn Warsaw, Mazowiecki, Metropol, Novotel Warsaw Centrum and Scsk Zurawia.

Historical Centre Warsaw, Poland Hotels

Old Town is one of the most picturesque locales in Warsaw and is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Three-star Warsaw hotel Old Town Apartments give easy access to historic monuments, galleries, restaurants and pubs. Every apartment in the hotel is unique with built-in kitchens, but there are no elevators in the building and the stairs are steep.

Other hotels in the area include Castle Inn, Duval Apartments and Hostel Kanonia.

City Centre Warsaw, Poland Hotels

City centre is know for its affordable accommodations near many Warsaw attractions, including the Stegny Ice Rink. Portos, Atos and Aramis are a series of hotels in this area which offer different levels of comfort – for instance, Portos offers complementary high-speed Internet and Aramis has basic suites with cheap rooms.

Warsaw, Poland hotels range greatly in price and specials can be found for even the nicest hotels through travel agencies and online booking sites.

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