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Hawaii Airline Tickets - Finding the best deal on airline tickets to Hawaii

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A vacation in Hawaii is the perfect getaway. Unfortunately, getting there can be expensive.

As you make your travel plans, consider your destination. There is more than one international airport in Hawaii. While many travelers fly to Honolulu, you can also fly to Maui and the Big Island. You can consider flying into one island and flying out from another if it suits your itinerary. Check the airlines at your local airport and see where they fly, in case a direct flight to a different island might be an option.

Another option for flexible travelers to Hawaii is to consider an inter-island flight. Carriers such as go!, Island Air, and Pacific Wings can fly you from Honolulu to the other islands and the total cost can be less than the cost of an direct airline ticket. You won’t see these kinds of connections on the major airline booking sites, so it can require some creativity in booking these tickets individually. If you’re a nervous passenger, keep in mind that some carriers use very small planes for these flights. Check with the airline site before buying your ticket if that’s a concern.

The last money-saving tip is to check your frequent flyer account! If you have been accruing airline frequent flyer miles for years and never spend them, an airline ticket to Hawaii is frequently the very best deal you will get with those miles. On many carriers, Hawaii counts as domestic travel, so the mileage cost for your ticket is lower than it would be to fly to Europe. If you don’t have enough miles to buy a ticket, you may be able to use those miles to score an upgrade to first class, which is a sweet way to start off your Hawaii vacation.

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