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New Paltz is full of everything from beautiful mountains to a great college and nightlife scene. Not far from New York City but far enough so a person can enjoy nature, this is a great location to visit. There are many New Paltz hotels from which you could choose to stay during such a trip. The following are some things to consider when making such a decision.

Think about how much space you need. You and a friend may travel together and want double beds, or you may be with a loved one and want a king or queen sized bed. Take into consideration whether or not you will need to do work in this space and if there is a desk or work space you can use. The purpose of your stay plus the activities you plan to do in and out of the room dictate what type of room and hotel you choose.

Next, think about the features of amenities that New Paltz hotels have to offer you. Some people may need or desire a fitness room or a pool at which they can do laps and workout in the morning whereas others may require an in-hotel restaurant, room service options, and working WiFi. Know what you want so that you can narrow down which New Paltz hotels have what you need to make this stay enjoyable.

Always take the time to read reviews of various New Paltz hotels. You want to stay in a space that is clean and provides the very best in customer service. Look anywhere and everywhere so that you can read both expert reviews as well as those by past customers who have had experiences here.

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