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Many contemporary businessmen and women are perpetually jet-setting around the globe. This, in turn, results in the inevitable overnight airport layover. London Heathrow hotels provide accommodations for one-night stays or even day rooms all year round. For the business traveler a lodging with minimal, yet sophisticated design and convenience often is preferred. Of all the hotels London Heathrow has to offer, the nearby Yotel is the place to go.

The look and feel of the Yotel is unlike most other hotels. It’s similar to the Japanese capsule hotels, except that it has been redesigned with the westerner in mind. Even the smallest room, which the Yotel refers to as a “cabin,” is much larger than a capsule. Its size is similar to a train couchette, except that the look and feel is much more reminiscent of being inside an airplane. It’s a mix of glass, white plastic and cushioned areas. For those travelers who make the sky their home away from home, this would be a perfect fit.

As with most hotels Heathrow Airport provides, the rooms at the Yotel have all the basic amenities, if not more. They include a private bathroom with shower, WiFi and flat-screen televisions. One extra touch is the fold-out desk and chair, which was certainly designed with the business traveler in mind. The Yotel even provides guests a with 24-hour cabin service menu, from which they can order food and drink delivered straight to their room.

The Yotel, of all the hotels at Heathrow, feels like it is in tune with the modern traveler. It is efficiently designed and run. While most accommodations are just replicas of the same mold, this sophisticated stay is well thought out and quite unique.

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