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Miami Hotel Rooms - Miami Hotel Rooms: Searching For Oceanfront Lodging

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When visiting Miami, tourists can stay in several locations, such as the city’s downtown section or islands like Miami Beach and Key Biscayne. Many visitors often choose to stay at hotels in Miami Beach for several reasons. Miami Beach is a separate city located on an island directly across Miami.

Full of nightclubs, restaurants, shops, beaches, the district of South Beach is the most popular district in Miami Beach. South Beach has dozens of hotels located along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. A walk or drive along Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue will reveal some of the best lodging options in the Miami area.

When selecting hotel rooms in Miami, the ocean views and beach front locations are one of the most important features that many visitors look for. South beach offers some of the most spectacular views of the water and the Miami area. Two very popular hotels in the area are Days Inn Miami Beach and the South Beach Marriott. Both of these hotels are within walking distance from all the local attractions.

Located along the corner of Collins Avenue and 21st street, the Days Inn has one of the most affordable hotel rooms in South Beach. For example, you can get a room with 2 double beds for under $100 per night. Facing the ocean, guests can enjoy the hotel’s outdoor pool and a variety of beach or water activities.

Situated at the corner of Ocean Drive and 2nd Avenue, the South Beach Marriott offers a more luxurious stay. This is also an oceanfront hotel, and has its own swimming pool. There are more than 220 rooms, and several suites at this hotel. Guests can even enjoy breathtaking ocean views from outdoor balconies. Guests are also offered modern amenities such as flats screen TVs and wireless internet access. Rooms at this hotel typically start at over $350 per night.

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