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Hotels West Palm Beach - Hotels in West Palm Beach, Florida

west palm beach florida hotels

A vacation to any of the Florida beaches is high on the list for many people. Most beach areas, like West Palm Beach, have a wide assortment of hotels and resorts to pick from.

West Palm Beach is easily assessible from Miami and Fort Lauderdale and is a short drive to Orlando. This area is well known for golfing and tennis too.

There is a Doubletree Suites Hotel and a Hilton located right at the airport. Airport hotels are great for your last day on vacation if you have an early flight home to make.

If you want to stay on the beach, then take a look at the super deluxe Four Seasons Hotel Palm Beach. It is an oceanfront property with fabulous ammenities. If this is out of your price range, you are in luck, there are many mid priced hotels along the beach too.

Compare the rates at the Chesterfield Hotel, The Colony Hotel, and the Palm Beach Hotel. These all offer special deals and packages. Remember, of course, that staying on the ocean will cost you more than other locations.

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