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Cheap Hawaii Vacation - How to Have a Cheap Hawaii Vacation

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To save money on your Hawaii vacation, the best advice is to ‘go local.’ Avoid the ‘tourist traps’ and head for the neighborhoods.

Airfare is always pricey, and cheap Hawaii vacation airline tickets are hard to come by. Try to go off-season -summer and early autumn- and sign up for email alerts to find last-minute airline specials and promotions.

Instead of staying in high-density tourist areas, usually on the south shores, look into private vacation accommodations, or ‘ohanas’ which vary in price depending on location and amenities. To have a really cheap Hawaii vacation, some local farms offer a ‘work trade’ in exchange for housing.

Many ohanas have kitchens so you can make your own meals, even forage fruits on the property! When you do dine out, look for the local restaurants and roadside vendors, they often have great food at half the price.

It is always best to rent your own car when visiting Hawaii. With the exception of Oahu, public transportation on the islands is sketchy at best. There are local rental agencies that offer later model vehicles, or ‘cruisers.’ With your own car you can explore and find unique adventures instead of paying for prepackaged tours.

Another key to having a cheap Hawaii vacation is to pick one island and stay there the whole time. To reach another island you have to fly— there are no ferries —so you also have to rent another car. Many ohanas offer reduced rates for extended stays.

The longer you stay in a specific area, the better chance of learning about some off-the-beaten-path spots that are not in the guide books. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for suggestions on how have a cheap Hawaii vacation once you get there, they have lots of tips they love to share.

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