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Boutique Hotels Paris - Old Fashioned Boutique Hotels, Paris Style

paris boutique hotels relais hotel du vieux paris san regis hotel

“Boutique” hotels can be found all around the world. Considering that the French came up with the word itself, it’s no surprise that Paris boutique hotels are among the most sophisticated and impeccably designed. Among the favorites are the old-fashioned-style lodgings, where guests can immerse themselves in the classic charm of eras past. Two Parisian hotels in particular excel at this.

Relais Hotel du Vieux Paris

Located right next the Notre Dame Cathedral and the river Siene, The Relais Hotel du Vieux is entrenched in history. Although it was a favorite among such beat artists as Ginsburg and Burroughs, the hotel itself dates all the way back to 1840. The interior design is made of classic mid-20th century wooden furniture and beautifully intricate Parisian-style wallpaper. The top floor accommodations are perhaps the most impressive, with not only exposed wooden beams, but spectacular views of the city. Although the hotel is certainly old-fashioned, it doesn’t lack for modern conveniences, such as internet, television, hairdryers and even a jacuzzi in the bathroom.

San Regis Hotel

The San Regis Hotel, located just off the world-famous Champs-Élysées, is the perfect combination of class and charm. The building, dating back to 1857, blends quietly into its surroundings, but inside it explodes with ornate design. The hotel features a spiral marble staircase and delicate vases and clocks. The rooms have beautifully upholstered antique furniture with matching wallpaper and bedsheets. Many even have their own chandeliers hanging from the center of the ceiling. Even with all the intricate interior decor, what’s most spectacular is the view of Paris from the rooftop dining area.

It’s impossible to match boutique hotels, Paris style. This French capital has managed to preserve much of its elegance throughout the years and it shows in the unique accommodations.

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