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Paris Discount Hotel - Paris on a Budget

discount hotel paris paris hotel discount

Not everyone can afford to stay in the luxury hotels of beautiful European countries, but that is not to say that is impossible to visit. For most people, the word “Paris” conjures images of spending extravagant amounts of money with little hope of sticking to an average person’s budget. However, even Paris can be visited on a budget. As hotels are typically the largest budget breaker for any travel, we will review here some of the best discount hotels in this beautiful city.

The hotels with nightly costs under $100 may be cheap but not always the best finds. As with any hotels, reviews vary from guest to guest, but in general, expect quality to match the price. Some of the cheapest hotels in the Paris area include the lliade Paris 18, Hotel de la Place des Alpes, and Hotel Paris Villette.

If your budget can go slightly higher, you will benefit from great comfort, service, and amenities. Sitting slightly above the $100 nightly rate are hotels such as the Pink Hotel, the Hotel Lecourbe, Relais du Pre Hotel, Grand Hotel de L’Avenue Paris, Ibis Paris Montmarte, Grand Hotel Albouy, Hotel Coypel, and the Sport Hotel.

On the higher end of $100 are some very nice hotels including the Windsor Opera Hotel, Mercure Paris Porte de St Cloud, Fleche D’Or Hotel, Les Jardins Du Marais, and Le Senat Hotel.

Paris is a large city, therefore making it difficult to name all of the best hotels in the area. When choosing a hotel, it is best to search by region based on the area of the city you wish to be closest too. After you have named your preferred areas, using tourist/travel search engines will help you narrow down the many lodging options. This will ensure you are able to visit Paris on a budget.

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