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Martha's Vineyard Car Rental - All About Martha's Vineyard Car Rental

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If you’ve seen Cape Cod, have explored most of the sights around Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and beyond, and are ready to experience something a little different, Martha’s Vineyard may be right for you. As the playground of the Kennedys and other famous, well-heeled clans, Martha’s Vineyard – a large island off the coast of the Cape – is a fascinating place to discover. Should you decide to go, there’s one decision that you’ll need to make early on: whether or not to use Martha’s Vineyard car rental services.

Martha’s Vineyard Car Rental: Why You May Need It

People who are unfamiliar with Martha’s Vineyard often envision a typical island; if nothing else, they assume that it’s quite small. In reality, “The Vineyard” spans an area of more than 85 square miles and is the largest “unconnected” island off the East Coast. If you plan to visit and truly want to see many of its sights, you’re probably going to have to arrange for Martha’s Vineyard car rental. Renting a car on the Vineyard is a breeze, but driving can be a hassle, due to congestion in the island’s larger communities – especially during the summer. One alternative is to choose one part of the island and explore it on foot.

Although a car ferry to the island is available, it isn’t really worth it. It’s exorbitantly expensive and requires reservations well in advance. The service is really intended for those who have summer homes on Martha’s Vineyard – not for casual visitors. This situation is precisely why there are so many car rental agencies on Martha’s Vineyard. While you’ll ride a ferry over to arrive at the island, you won’t be bringing your own car with you. Plan on renting a car soon after you arrive so that you can explore as much of the Vineyard as possible.

Simplify Your Visit with Reservations

Reservations for most Martha’s Vineyard car rentals are not required. However, if you’re going to be visiting during the height of the tourist season – in July or August – then they are highly recommended. The island has several small car rental operations; they often have more flexible options and offer a more personalized level of service than larger car rental chains. However, if you prefer doing business with large, well-established chains, they are also available on Martha’s Vineyard. You can make reservations with either type of car rental agency online or by phone.

Renting a Car on Martha’s Vineyard

The regular ferry runs from Woods Hole on the main land to Oak Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard. The majority of the island’s car rental agencies can be found in Oak Bluff. In fact, upon disembarking from the ferry you’ll see at least one familiar name, since Budget Rent-a-Car has a location there. The point is, you won’t have to walk far in order to procure your Martha’s Vineyard rental car. Whether you go with Budget or with a smaller local operation like AAA Island Auto Rental Car, you’ll find Martha’s Vineyard car rental to be a snap.

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