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Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays - Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays: What a Tourist can expect from the Islands

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Hawaii may be the 50th American state but it comes in at #1 as far as sheer beauty is concerned.

Pleasant Hawaiian holidays can be enjoyed by anyone – no matter what their age – as Hawaii has attractions sufficient to delight the most world-weary of tourists. The Hawaiian archipelago is divided into at least 20 islands, but, as some are uninhabited and others are privately owned, not all of them are open to tourists. Those that are – and six of the larger islands do welcome foreign visitors – offer tourists a wonderful combination of North Pacific and Polynesian cultural attractions, world-class water sports and historical sights.

Visitors to the Hawaiian archipelago can choose between enjoying wonderful vacations on the island of Hawaii itself – the “Big Island” – or on Oahu, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai or Maui. Each of these islands offer their own special pleasures, and Oahu’s Waikiki Beach with its premium surfing is possibly the best known Hawaiian pleasure of them all. Oahu also contains the state capital, Honolulu, as well as such diverse attractions as the USS Arizona National Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the Punchbowl and Diamond Head volcanic crater lookout points and the Honolulu Academy of Arts with its world-class collection of Asian art.

No pleasant Hawaiian holiday would be complete without a visit to The Big Island of Hawaii itself. This verdant paradise features, among other stunning attractions, the intriguing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – where Mauna Loa is both the largest volcano in the world and home to the Goddess Pele – and the Hilton Waikoloa Village, which offers tourists dolphin swimming excursions. Lanai is best known for its private beach resorts, which constitute the 5-star Hawaii holiday experience, while Molokai’s claim to fame is that it was home to Father Damien de Veuster’s leper colony, which visitors can now tour as part of the Kalaupapa National Historic Park.

Kauai is also called the Garden Isle, and it therefore goes without saying that it is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, including Hanalei Bay with its pristine beaches and the awe-inspiring Kilauea Lighthouse peninsula. Last but not least is Maui, which offers visitors the quintessential Hawaiian holiday experience by treating them to such sights as the stately Haleakala volcano with its 3,000m-plus peak and the Wainapanapa State Park, which boasts sable sand and stunning sea-caves.

Visitors to Hawaii will reach the islands either by ‘plane or by cruise ship and will be able to travel from island to island by boat or domestic air carrier. As with the rest of the USA, English is the locals’ language of choice, and, when in Hawaii and enjoying a pleasant Hawaiian vacation, visitors should make sure to sample the home-grown food and drink including the cod and pork dish known as “laulau” and the famous Kona beer.

A holiday in Hawaii is something that some people spend a lifetime saving up for, but this gorgeous state is definitely worth the wait.

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