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Holland America Cruise Lines - Holland America Cruise Lines: An Overview

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The cruise industry has become more competitive than ever, which is great news for travelers who want to see the world without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a cruise line that boasts volumes of experience, an impeccable reputation and a vast number of ports of call, you should put Holland America cruise line at the top of your list. For more than 125 years, Holland America cruise lines has been setting the standard; many cruise lines have come and gone, but Holland America stands strong to this day. Learn what sets it apart below.

A Proud Dutch Heritage

The Holland America cruise line started out as the Netherlands-America Steamship Company; people nicknamed it “Holland America” because it quickly started specializing in transporting Dutch immigrants to America. Transatlantic travel was its bread and butter for many years, as was commercial freight shipping. Holland America cruise lines dropped its commercial freight shipping service in the 1970s – right about the time that it began exploding in popularity as a cruise provider. During that decade, Holland America built its first purpose-built passenger ship and set its course on a path that would make it one of the most successful cruise lines in the world.

An Impressive Fleet

Today, Holland America cruise lines’ large fleet of ships are named in honor of its proud Dutch ancestry. With names like the Rotterdam, the Amsterdam and the Oosterdam, passengers aren’t going to forget where this cruise line’s roots are. The fourteen ships in Holland America’s fleet are all state-of-the-art; several different classes are available. These days, Vista-class vessels are popular with those who insist on ultra-contemporary cruising. The class first starting rolling out in the early 2000s, and has quickly become a favorite among seasoned passengers.

Most Popular Itineraries

Holland America cruise lines manages to please travelers of all stripes, thanks to its vast array of itineraries. Its around-the-world cruises are legendary, and unique itineraries featuring the Panama Canal, Australia and New Zealand appeal to those who want to experience something truly exotic. Moreover, the Holland America cruise line is steadfastly traditional; as a result, you will find plenty of Caribbean itineraries and Mediterranean cruises available most of the time. If you’re in North America and want to stay close to home – while still getting away from it all – Holland America’s New England and Canadian itineraries can fit the bill nicely.

Unique Touches

While every ship in Holland America cruise lines’ fleet tends to adhere to a certain elegant, contemporary style, each exhibits its own personality as well. An eclectic mix of artwork is featured on each ship; this is one thing that truly sets Holland America apart from its competition. At the same time, traditional touches like bell ringing to signal mealtimes are continued to this very day. Finally, expect to be catered to on a Holland America cruise: if it’s hot outside, waiters will bring you cool drinks. It’s just one example of the extra mile that Holland America goes to keep its passengers happy.

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