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Niagara Falls Hotel Reservations - Top Places to Make Niagara Falls Hotel Reservations

choose a country consider your budget examples for every budget

As one of the most popular tourist attractions and natural wonders in the United States, Niagara Falls is a wonderful place to spend a long weekend. Whether you’re looking for an ideal spot to spend your honeymoon, or if you’d just like to take the family someplace where they’re guaranteed to have fun, Niagara Falls is an excellent choice. Since it’s so immensely popular, there are many hotels and resorts to choose from; as a result, making Niagara Falls hotel reservations can be a daunting task. Look below for useful tips, advice and examples that will make it easier to find the best Niagara Falls hotel for you.

Choose a Country

Niagara Falls is located on the United States-Canada border; the province of Ontario is on one side, and the state of New York is on the other. The first thing you’ll need to decide when making Niagara Falls hotel reservations is which country you’d like to stay in. Years ago, the American side of the falls was where all of the action was; today, even most of the big American names have moved across the border. If you’d like to enjoy the best view of Niagara Falls, and be within a reasonable distance to its most popular attractions, you should limit your Niagara Falls hotel reservation search to the Canadian side.

Consider Your Budget

Next up: budget. Since Niagara Falls is such a hot tourist spot, it’s definitely not suffering from a lack of hotel options. The huge variety of options is what makes finding the right Niagara Falls hotel so confusing. Before you even start wading through the available options, make a practical decision about your budget. Do you need cost-effective family accommodations, or are you planning to splurge on a luxury hotel? Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will make it easier to make Niagara Falls hotel reservations.

Examples for Every Budget

To illustrate the wide array of options that you’ll have at your disposal when it comes to Niagara Falls hotel reservations, we’re highlighting one top example for three different budgets. Use this as a rough guideline during your search; remember that many hotels fall into each category.

Budget – If cost-effectiveness is your top priority, there are several hotels in Niagara Falls that cost less than $70 per night. The Imperial Hotel and Suites is one example; its rates are very reasonable, and it’s conveniently located.

Midrange – There are plenty of midrange Niagara Falls hotels that you can make reservations at; these cost a little more than budget hotels, but they offer more amenities and features. Several Best Westerns in the region offer nightly rates between $100 and $175 – and plenty of extras and perks, too.

Luxury – Those who insist on the very best will find making Niagara Falls hotel reservations to be a pleasure. The Shaw Club Hotel & Spa offers exquisitely appointed rooms and plenty of options for those who’d like to be pampered.

By taking a measured approach, it’s perfectly possible to make reservations at Niagara Falls hotels that will meet and exceed all of your expectations. In the end, you’ll have a more enjoyable vacation, too.

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