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Norfolk Line Ferries - Why Norfolk Line Ferries Make The Perfect Budget Mini-Holiday

what is norfolk line ferries? on board amenities

With purse strings stretching ever-tighter and people’s free time pinched ever-narrower, taking a mini-holiday these days has become more challenging than ever—but for the very same reasons, it’s also become more vital than ever. That’s where the Norfolk Line Ferries can sail in and sweep you away for a day (or a few) of affordable respite.

What Is Norfolk Line Ferries?

Norfolk Line Ferries is a leader in multimodal first-class short sea carrier vessels, which for the two years running 2008 and 2009 has won the “Best Ferry Company” award given out each year by the Observer, Guardian, and guardian.co.uk UK newspapers as part of their annual travel awards in which the winners are determined by reader vote.

Where Can You Go On Norfolk Line Ferries

The passenger ferries operated by Norfolk Line Ferries travel within and between France, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland and Dover, along the following routes:

• The English Channel, between Dover and Dunkirk
• The Irish Sea, between Liverpool and Belfast and Dublin
• The North Sea, between Rosyth and Zeebrugge

The North Sea route was the most recent addition to the Norfolkline schedule, coming last May 2009 in the form of three ferries per week between ports in Scotland and Belgium. Total crossing time on the North Sea route is 20 hours on one of the finest and newest vessels in the Norfolk Line Ferries fleet, the Scottish Viking.

Taking the Norfolkline Irish Sea ferry to Birkenhead terminal at Liverpool allows passengers direct access to the famed “Best of Britain” via the scenic M6 between England, Scotland, Wales, and the better part of mainland UK. Norfolk line operates more than 50 crosses per week between Belfast and Liverpool and between Dublin and Liverpool at Birkenhead.

On Board Amenities

You don’t even have to wait until you get to your destination to let the mini-holiday begin, because no matter which route you choose, all of Norfolkline’s modern ferries offer you award-winning quality service and top of the line amenities, whether you prefer dining in fine on-board restaurants, sipping a cocktail one of the ship’s lounges, shopping in luxury on-board boutiques, enjoying a movie in a state of the art on-board cinema, or relaxing in a comfortable and roomy ensuite cabin.

Norfolk Line Ferries Is Kid & Pet Friendly

Norfolk Line Ferries also include ample children’s play facilities, and on certain lines passengers are allowed to take their pets with them too (though pets are restricted to remaining in the passenger’s own vehicle for the entire duration of the trip).

Get Discounts On Already Low Rates

Another appeal of letting Norfolk Line Ferries take you on a short trip away from it all is the price. As if Norfolkline’s rates weren’t already low enough, the fleet is always running specials too.

For example one of Norfolkine’s current specials is £19 for four people with one car going to France, while ferries across the Irish Sea meanwhile are going for £79 to £95 for one car plus a single driver. Norfolk Line Ferries is also running a special on it’s ferry sailing from Edinburgh, Scotland to Bruges, Belgium: one car plus 2 people each way overnight starts at £80.

And while we’re on the subject of discounts, Norfolk line is also one of the greatest places to find deals on discounted European breakdown insurance, travel insurance, and hotel stays.

From cost to amenities to versatility and breadth of destination options, Norfolk Line Ferries make for a perfect budget mini-holiday.

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