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Enterprize Rental Car - What Makes an Enterprize Rental Car Superior to Other Rentals?

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At least five major rental car services have a share of this thriving market, but an Enterprize Rental Car offers advantages that set it apart from the services offered by competitors. Although Enterprize Rental Car is one of the youngest rental car operations, starting in Canada in 1993 and only entering the U.S. market quite recently. Since then, Enterprize Rental Car has placed a branch in most major cities, concentrating on offering full service to local communities.

Although Enterprize has established a presence in at least two hundred and thirty airports, it still specializes in providing rental car services to small neighborhoods. This is the reason that ninety percent of the population of the United States can find an Enterprize Car Rental office within fifteen miles of their residence. This proximity, along with Enterprize Car Rental’s offer to “pick you up” at no extra cost, ensures that customers feel they are getting the most for their money. Whether customers needs to rent a car from Enterprize because of an accident, for a business trip, to take a family vacation, or because their own vehicle is in the shop, Enterprise Rental Car services make getting the needed rental vehicle as easy as possible.

Another advantage of Enterprize Rental Car is the variety of cars included in its rental fleet. Of over seven hundred thousand rental vehicles, one hundred and twenty different makes and models are available to the customer. In the United States, Enterprize Car Rental carries Chevrolets, Nissans, Buicks, Cadillacs, and Fords. They also offer Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, as well as models manufactured by Toyota and GMC. Customers have the option of a car with two doors or four, and vans are available when needed for larger groups or families. Enterprize Rental Car also keeps cargo vans and large pickup trucks as a part of their rental fleets.

Enterprize Rental Car offers some special benefits to its business customers. These include a uncomplicated custom rate plan which allows a business to pay for a car rental only for the days on which it is used, while always having the perfect car available. For customers who rent a car for thirty days or longer, Enterprize Rental Car provides extra savings on the price and twenty-four hour roadside assistance. Businesses who rent from Enterprize Rental Car can receive an online receipt which may be accessed as early as forty-eight hours after the vehicle is returned or up to six months later. This gives the business easy access to the records needed for tax purposes.

While renting cars and trucks is the primary business of Enterprize Rental Car, the company does have several other successful divisions. Enterprise Fleet Management allows companies to lease cars, and Enterprise Car Sales used car sales division which provides used cars for purchase which have passed a one hundred and nine point inspection process. The newest division Enterprize Rental Cars has opened in an attempt to meet all of its customers’ needs is the Commercial Truck division. Because of its forward thinking and consideration for customers, Enterprize Rental Car is moving ahead of its competitors in its battle for the rental car market.

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