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Vancouver Hotel Rooms - How to Find the Best Vancouver Hotel Rooms

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There are hundreds of hotels located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that emphasize different levels of hospitality, from complimentary access to the in-hotel spa to a smaller, more intimate bed and breakfast feel. Many of the high-rise Vancouver hotel rooms boast excellent views of the neighboring snow capped mountains or the clear waters of the Strait of Georgia, while smaller hotels offer access to the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, eateries, and custom shopping districts.

The city of Vancouver is divided into two principal geographic sections, with each section being further divided by neighborhood. The downtown section of Vancouver is situated to the north and east of the larger section of the city on a peninsula-like landmass. Many high-rise hotel rooms exist in this section of the city. Stanley Park, the West End, Gastown, Chinatown, and Yaletown make up the downtown neighborhoods. Vancouver hotels located near Chinatown are generally not the safest places to stay, although the charm of the city’s historied, dangerous neighborhoods is definitely worth a visit during the day.

A series of longstanding local merchants, including Murchies Coffees and Teas, have flagship stores near the waterfront in Gastown, one of the older sections of the city. Hotels in this section of Vancouver tend to emphasize their luxurious rooms and service. In-house laundry service is common, as well as exquisite dining rooms and restaurants that offer world class cuisine. Depending on the time of year, certain downtown Vancouver hotels offer significant discounts to guests, making it simple to travel by foot to Stanley Park, a refreshing and hikable grove of trees. Additionally, downtown Vancouver’s proximity to water makes it host to an unusual number of excellent sushi restaurants. Breakfasting in the nearby West End is an enjoyable experience, due to not only to the quality and diversity of the cuisine, but also the number of hotel rooms located nearby.

Southwest of downtown, the neighborhood of Kitsilano offers visitors the choice of numerous Vancouver hotel rooms located right next to its legendary beach. In addition to its natural sights, Kitsilano is populated by a slightly higher than average number of bookstores and tea parlors, lending the area a somewhat bohemian, intellectual air. Kitsilano borders the University of British Columbia, giving the area a vibrant, youthful feel.

For those visitors looking for a Vancouver hotel room in a more art focused area of the city, the hotels near the so-called ‘SOMA’ or South Main neighborhood offer easy access to galleries and other art happenings. Granville Island, located between downtown and Kitsilano, has a slew of affordably priced Vancouver hotel rooms located within walking distance of the Public Market, making it an ideal place for dedicated shoppers. Granville Island hotels tend to be slightly smaller in scale than their downtown counterparts.

An easily navigable public transport system facilitates travel from one section of town to another. Whichever Vancouver hotel room a visitor ultimately chooses, visiting all the neighborhoods in the city is possible within a few days, although some neighborhoods will garner repeat visits, depending on an individual visitor’s preferences.

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