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Laguardia Airport Parking - An Overview of LaGuardia Airport Parking Options

parking at the airport

La Guardia Airport is one of the busiest and largest on the East Coast, and it serves the greater New York City region. If you’re going to be flying out of La Guardia and need a place to keep your vehicle while you’re gone, you’re going to need to learn about what LaGuardia airport parking options are available. By familiarizing yourself with the many available options, you can arrive at a solution that is affordable and convenient. The following information will help you make the best decision possible when it comes to parking at LaGuardia Airport.

Parking at the Airport

There is very limited parking available at La Guardia Airport. If you need LaGuardia Airport parking spots, it is usually best to choose an off-airport parking lot. However, if you’re willing to drive around and have the time to spare, it’s possible to find LaGuardia airport parking at one of the terminals. Keep in mind that you’re also going to pay a lot more to park right at La Guardia.

Metered Parking – There is only one area where metered parking is available at La Guardia Airport: the Marine Air Terminal. If you’re able to snag a meter, remember that there is a two-hour limit. The price is $2 for every 20 minutes, which can add up pretty quickly. There are many other – and better – LaGuardia Airport parking options available.

Parking Garages and Lots at LaGuardia – Each terminal at LaGuardia has parking garages and lots. The largest LaGuardia Airport parking areas can be found across from the US Airways and Delta terminals; the smallest La Guardia Airport parking areas are near the Marine Air Terminal. It will cost you $3 to park in these places for the first half-hour, $3 more for each additional half-hour and a maximum charge of $33 for 24 hours.

Long Term Parking – Longterm LaGuardia Airport parking is available between the Central Terminal and the US Airways Terminal. It will cost you $33 for up to 24 hours of parking, $66 for up to 48 hours and $6 for every eight hours thereafter.

Off-Airport Parking at La Guardia

Most people flying out of La Guardia Airport choose to park at off-airport lots. You can save a lot of money on LaGuardia Airport parking by doing so. There are several lots right near the airport. One of the closest and most convenient is the Clarion Hotel, which offers parking for $15 per day.

Dollar Rent a Car Airport Parking is another prime choice when it comes to La Guardia Airport parking. Daily rates average around $16, which is vastly more affordable than parking at the airport.

AviStar LGA is yet another great choice if you’re in need of LaGuardia Airport parking. Although the rate’s a little more at $21 per day, it is located directly across from the airport for optimal convenience.

Finally, AirPark LGA is a popular choice for parking at La Guardia. Daily rates start around $16, and it has a great reputation.

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