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Flint Michigan Hotels - An Overview of Hotels in Flint, Michigan

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Flint, Michigan has had a rather bumpy history. In its heyday, the founding of General Motors in the city prompted an influx of people who were eager to earn good livings. After several car manufacturing plants closed during the 1980s, however, Flint’s population – and image – suffered a decline. Despite this hiccup, the city continues to be an important economic hub in the state of Michigan. On top of that, Flint has many interesting things to offer to those who visit for business or pleasure – and there are plenty of Flint, Michigan hotels available. Tips for booking the right hotel in Flint are outlined below.

Where You’ll Find Flint Hotels

Like many reasonably-sized cities, the majority of Flint’s hotels are located near its airport, Bishop International Airport. If you need to stay the night in Flint, then you’re probably going to end up staying in a hotel in that area. Bishop International is located in the heart of the city, approximately where two major interstates – I-94 and I-69 – intersect. Because they are by the airport, these hotels are also in close proximity to several other services and amenities like restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Bishop International is the largest airport in Flint, but there are a few smaller ones where you’ll find additional hotels in Flint, Michigan. The Athelone Williams Memorial Airport – which is located ten miles to the east of Bishop off of I-94 – has several nearby hotels, including a Comfort Inn and a Courtyard by Marriott. Daltons Airport – which is located approximately five or six miles north of Bishop, just off of I-69 – also has several nearby hotels, including a Ramada Inn and an Econo Lodge. The majority of hotels in Flint, Michigan are clustered around its airports, allowing visitors to stay in convenient locations.

Flint’s Top Hotel Accommodations

Since Flint isn’t much of a tourist destination, you’re not going to find resort hotels in the city. However, there is still a decent selection and variety of hotels in Flint, Michigan. Whatever your budget may be, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a Flint hotel that will suit it. Top examples of hotels from each price category are outlined below:

  • Budget Hotels – The vast majority of the hotels in Flint, Michigan fall into this category. If you don’t want to spend a lot on hotel accommodations, you’re in luck. The Sleep Inn is always a great choice; it’s located near Bishop International Airport and its average nightly rate falls right around $60.

  • Moderate Hotels – If you require more amenities than the typical budget hotel has to offer, consider the Hampton Inn and Suites near Bishop International Airport. With rooms starting around $115 a night, it won’t break the bank.

  • Luxury Hotels – There aren’t many luxury hotels in Flint, Michigan. However, the Residence Inn has the most to offer in terms of space, amenities and room appointments. It’s located near Bishop International and should be sufficient for discerning travelers who come to Flint.
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