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Auburn Alabama Hotels - Learn More About Auburn, Alabama Hotels

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As the fastest-growing metropolitan area in Alabama – and the home of Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama boasts many options when it comes to hotel accommodations. The university has a student population of around 24,000; families who come into town to visit students need places to stay, so there are several Auburn hotels to choose from. Whether you’re coming to Auburn for business, pleasure – or to visit an Auburn University student – you’ll find it remarkably easy to track down Auburn, Alabama hotels that are right for you. The trick to doing so lies in understanding the geography of this charming city.

Auburn, Alabama Hotels on I-85

For convenience’s sake, many visitors to Auburn, Alabama prefer to stay in one of the several hotels that are located just off of Interstate 85. The intersection of I-85 and S. College Street is only about a mile south of the campus of Auburn University; by staying at an Auburn hotel in this area, you can enjoy easy access to the university – and when it’s time to leave, it will be easy to do.

There are several chain hotels just off the freeway in Auburn. There’s a Quality Inn, a Microtel and an Econo Lodge. All three are great options for those in need of affordable accommodations. If a major football game is going to be happening – or if you’ll be in town for commencement ceremonies – you should plan on making your Auburn, Alabama hotel reservations early. Most of the major hotels in town are booked solid during such events, especially those along I-85.

Downtown Auburn, Alabama and Auburn University Hotels

Many people prefer to stay downtown when they come to Auburn, Alabama. There are several hotels in Auburn’s downtown district; conveniently enough, many are situated on the northeastern corner of Auburn University’s campus. University Inn, on West Magnolia and South College, is reasonably priced and in close proximity to downtown and the campus. A Days Inn is also located in this section of town; it’s popular with visiting parents, especially those who prefer to stay in chain hotels.

Hotels on the Outskirts of Auburn, Alabama

There is a handful of hotels on the eastern outskirts of Auburn. While these hotels aren’t as conveniently located as those downtown or just off of I-85, they are situated near Auburn’s commercial area. Therefore, people who are in town to visit Auburn University students do not usually book stays at these hotels. Market Square Shopping Center is in this part of town, which tends to appeal to business travelers thanks to its many shops and restaurants. Some of the Auburn, Alabama hotels in this area include the Jameson Inn of Auburn – which is right across from the shopping center – and Hometown Suites, which is great for those who need a little more space to spread out. Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll find Auburn, Alabama hotels to be pleasant and accommodating.

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