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Four Queens Las Vegas - An Inside Look at the Four Queens Las Vegas

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When casino builder Ben Goffstein first named the Four Queens Hotel and Casino after his four daughters, the building only had about 20,000 square feet of gaming space and just over 100 rooms. A great deal has changed in Las Vegas since the Four Queens Hotel and Casino first opened in 1966, but Four Queens remains to this day one of the most recognizable classic casinos on Freemont Street. Today, Four Queens takes up an entire block of valuable Freemont Street real estate and is situated right next to the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

There are three full service restaurants at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, including romantic ambiance at Hugo’s Cellar, traditional American fare at Magnolia’s Veranda and dozens of micro-brews and cigars to sample at Chicago Brewing Company and Cigar Lounge. There are also three cocktail lounges and two fast service restaurants available for guests on the go, as well as full service bars in the casino. In terms of entertainment, the Four Queens Hotel and Casino is located in the middle of the Freemont Street Experience with dozens of great venues within walking distance. Live shows at the Four Queens itself are limited to smaller acts that play at the Canyon Club stage located within the hotel.

The Four Queens Hotel and Casino offers some of the best gambling action on the strip, particularly for visitors to Las Vegas who prefer to play in a more traditional casino environment. When it comes to slot machines, the Four Queens Casino stays up to date on all of the newest slots and video poker machines on the market and boasts some of the loosest machines in town. The casino is also the home of the largest slot machine in the entire world, known as the Queen’s Machine. As for table games, the Four Queens Hotel and Casino has nearly all of the classic games that one would hope to find at a Las Vegas casino, as well as some of the hottest new table games to hit card rooms. Keno players have an entire lounge to themselves with free refreshments available, while the sports book at the Four Queens Casino is located at a bar right in the middle of the casino itself.

Guests at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino have a wide range of accommodations to choose from in the hotel’s 690 rooms and 45 suites. Standard guest rooms come equipped with either a double bed or king-sized bed, a large flat panel television, a small work area and a coffee maker. Optional amenities include a room refrigerator, guest beds and wireless internet, all of which can be had for an additional fee. Suites at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino come with an additional conversation area featuring comfortable plush furniture, refrigerators, a room safe and jacuzzi. All rooms at the Four Queens Hotel are recently renovated and are decorated in a contemporary southwestern style.

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