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New River Rafting - Spice up Your Vacation with New River Rafting

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Rafting is a popular recreation during spring and summer in the United States. Paddlers seek out the best vacation areas to test and improve their skills. New River rafting has been a stand out favorite among rafters for decades and its popularity continues to rise. Hundreds of vacation packages center around New River rafting, many adding kayaking, fishing, and horseback riding to the outdoor sport.

One of the most beautiful of the American Heritage Rivers is the New River. American Heritage Rivers are protected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency because of legislation signed by President Clinton during his term of office. This legislation seeks to protect rivers that are unique in their contribution to US history or have distinctive cultural, economic, scenic, or recreational value.

New River is about 320 miles long and flows through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. A significant portion of the river that flows through West Virginia is referred to as the New River National Gorge River. The river flows south to north and is the oldest river in North America and among the oldest rivers in the world. It is prized for its beauty and recreational opportunities such as New River rafting.

White water rafting enthusiasts flock to the New River because it offers challenges for all skill levels. During the spring runoff, the river is classified as skill level IV or V. Grade IV indicates that waves are medium sized and require previous whitewater rafting experience in order to avoid rocks and sharp drops and other obstacles. A Grade V river requires advanced skills, as the waves are large and obstacles such as steep gradients, large drops, and large drops that are difficult to navigate and need precise skills to navigate safely. In season however, the river is classified as I-IV making it ideal for novice, intermediate, and advanced whitewater rafting.

Most New River rafting tour companies divide their trips into two types based on the skill level involved in navigating that section of the river. An upper New River rafting trip best suits beginners and is exciting for people of all ages. The river rapids are classified from I-III allowing new comers to the sport to learn skills and advance to a lower New River rafting experience.

New River rafting encompasses three seasons. Spring rafting is intense due to a higher water level. The March-May season appeals to advanced rafters. June-August can be the perfect time for families to enjoy a New River rafting excursion and enjoy other river activities like swimming and river surfing. September through October are the fall excursion when New River rafting trips are memorable for the exquisite scenery. Trees along the river’s edge are a brilliant array of scarlet, orange, and yellow.

North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia are blessed with some of the loveliest scenery in the eastern United States. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than taking a New River rafting trip. Better still, plan an entire vacation along the banks of the river and carry memories of the trip to smile about for the rest of the year.

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