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Duluth Car Rental - An Overview of Duluth Car Rental Agencies

additional duluth car rental companies

Whether you’re going to be flying into Duluth International Airport and will need a rental car upon arrival, or if you’re heading out of Duluth and need a reliable way to get around for a day or two, you’re going to need to find an affordable and reliable Duluth car rental agency. Like most major airports, Duluth International has plenty of car rental agencies. In fact, you can take your pick from five different prominent national chains.

Duluth Car Rental Agencies at the Airport

If you are flying into Duluth International Airport, the easiest thing to do is to rent a car right at the airport. Budget Rent-A-Car has a location at the airport in Duluth, and it has plenty of reasonably priced options. They have economy cars available; they start at $49 a day. A full-size SUV will cost you about $79 per day. These rates include unlimited free miles. You can find this Duluth car rental agency on Grinden Avenue, along with all of the others, on the southeast side of the airport.

National Car Rental is another great choice for Duluth car rentals at the airport. You can rent an economy car from this location for about $37 a day; a full-size SUV cost about $75 per day. Full loss/damage waivers run about $24 per day. The National Car Rental center is located right near the Budget Rent-a-Car on Grinden Avenue, just across from the airport.

The Duluth Airport also has a Hertz Rent-A-Car location. It is in the same vicinity as National Car Rental and Budget Rent-A-Car. An economy car from this Duluth car rental agency will cost you a little over $50 per day; a standard-size SUV from Hertz runs around $75 per day. In both cases, a maximum of 100 miles per day are allowed. Extra miles cost thirty cents each under this rate plan.

You’ll also find an Alamo Rent A Car location at the Duluth International Airport, in the same area as all of the other Duluth car rental agencies. This company offers a $25 discount on weekly car rentals, which is good to know for those who plan to be in Duluth for an extended period of time. An economy car from this location runs around $50 per day, with unlimited miles; a mid-size SUV costs about $38 per day, and unlimited miles are also included. If you need an infant car seat, there is a charge of $10 per day.

The fifth and final Duluth car rental company that you’ll find at the airport is Avis Car Rental. It is in the same general area as the other car rental agencies, and is easily found by following the signs after getting off the plane. This company offers subcompact vehicles for about $39 per day, and standard-size SUVs for about $85 per day. These rates include unlimited miles; you can add a GPS navigation system for just $8 per day. If you’ll be in Duluth and will need a car, you have plenty of flexible options.

Additional Duluth Car Rental Companies

There are a few other car rental locations in Duluth, outside of the airport. Acar Auto Rental can be found about ten miles south of the airport, in Hermantown. This agency rents compact cars at about $49 per day; this includes unlimited miles. A full-size SUV costs $95, and 150 miles are included; additional miles are $0.30 each.

Southeast of the airport, near Lake Michigan, there is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You can rent a compact car there for $46 a day, with unlimited miles; a full-size SUV will cost you $92 a day, for up to 150 miles. For every mile thereafter, $0.25 is charged. If you need a rental car in Duluth, you have plenty of options!

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