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Curacao Car Rental - Choosing The Right Curacao Car Rental

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Curacao is located in the southern Caribbean, making it one the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world. There are only 141,000 residents, which helps keep everything in pristine condition. There is never any smog or congestion. This is good news because it’s an island you will want to see all of. To do so, you will have to rent a car. Prior to covering the best Curacao car rental options, there are a few things you need to know about driving on this remote island. One is that cars drive on the right, which should make those traveling from the United States feel at home. No matter where you’re traveling from, the minimum age to drive a Curacao rental car is 23 years old. If you don’t have to worry about this age restriction, make sure you review the twelve basic traffic signs for Curacao prior to driving. They are simple and easy to remember. The speed limit ranges from 25-37 mph.

The largest Curacao rental car company is Budget Rent-A-Car. They have dozens of cars in their fleet and offer as many as seven locations. They also offer 24/7 customer service, which cannot be found anywhere else on Curacao in regards to rental cars. The daily rental fees range from $35-$75, depending on the make and year of the car, as well as the season in which you choose to visit. In order to avoid lines upon arrival, it’s possible to book your Curacao rental car online. For more information, visit Curacao-budgetcar.com. You can also call Budget Rent-A-Car directly at 599-9-868-3466, fax them at 599-9-868-0644, or e-mail them at reservations@budgetcuracao.com.

If you’re looking to stay on Curacao for at least one week, consider looking into National car rentals. They offer weekly deals, which will knock down the price a little. The Kia Picanto currently costs only $180 per week. With taxes and fees, this comes out to $225.95. The Kia Sorento – a larger and more comfortable model – currently costs $396 per week. With taxes and fees, this comes out to $478.84. National has six rental car locations on Curacao. Their head office is located at F.D. Roosevelt 449. Their phone number is 5999-869-4433, their fax number is 5999-869-0020, and their e-mail address is natcar@cura.net.

Some people like to get a true feel of the land in every way possible when visiting foreign lands. If you’re one of those people and you’d like to save a little money, consider Noordstar Rent-A-Car. Their rental cars range in price from $32-$55 per day. The Suzuki Ignis can be rented for $32 per day and the Hyundai Tucson can be rented at $55 per day. There are a few other cars in-between these two prices, but it’s not a large fleet. To make sure you will be able to rent the car you want, contact Noordstar Rent-A-Car prior to visiting. Their phone number is 5999-737-5616. They can also be reached at Carol@carib-online.net. Noordstar Rent-A-Car accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.

Regardless of which Curacao rental car company you choose to go with, there are a few sites you should strongly consider visiting. These include Willemstad’s Harbor, the Sea Aquarium, the dozens of plantation houses scattered about the island, and of course, all the magnificent beaches.

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