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Denver Discount Hotel - Finding the Best Denver Discount Hotel

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Whether you’re visiting beautiful Denver, Colorado for work or for play, finding a great Denver discount hotel is particularly important in today’s economy. Fortunately, the Mile High City still offers excellent hotels at affordable prices to those travelers who use their heads and spend a bit of time hunting down bargains. These tips can help you to locate an exceptional Denver discount hotel room without any hassle. For the purposes of pricing, we’ll be using room pricing for 2 adults.

The first step is to decide if you have a preference as to where you stay in Denver. Denver is a large city, and some people will want to stick near the entertainment and shopping areas, and prefer Denver downtown hotel rooms or Cherry Creek discount lodging. Downtown hotels can run upwards of $210 a night, but lodging several blocks away from the pricier 16th Street Mall area, such as the Marriott Courtyard or the Hampton Inn, can give you rates of $90 a night during summer, and around $120 in winter. If location is not as much of a priority, stay in nearby areas for cheaper rates. Aurora, Colorado hotel rooms at the Marriott or Hampton chains are about 20 minutes from Denver, but can often provide a room for $80-90 a night during summer, and $90-$100 in winter. Staying near Denver International Airport usually provides great values, with prices of $60-80 a night year-round for a room at the Super 8 or Days Inn, but you’ll be staying around 30 minutes away from Denver.

It pays to look for package deals, also. Searching for package deals online can yield some great Denver discount hotel values. Packages are available for Denver Zoo trips at some hotels, where family room rates of $130-150 a night include free Zoo passes, and other nightlife packages for the same price include free admission to certain clubs, as well as taxi service to 16th Street and other Downtown hot spots. During the off season of summer, many chains, including the Super 8 and Comfort Inn, will offer one night free after 2-3 paid nights.

Lastly, take note that some of the best Denver discount hotel deals are known only to locals! Search through online archives of local papers such as the Denver Post or the Westword in order to see if any hotel reviews have been posted. Talk to friends or family members in Denver to see if they have a Denver value-priced hotel they would recommend, or even seek out online forums for advice. Some hotels in South Denver, off of I-25, are available for as low as $50 a night, or $200 a week, but generally only take phone reservations or drive-up customers. However, if you are willing to call around or drive a bit, these can often provide the best values in the city, and are still only a short drive from most of the city’s attractions.

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