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Hotels College Station - Hotels in College Station: An Overview

college station hotels near bryan

If you’re going to be visiting College Station, Texas, then it’s probably to visit a student at Texas A&M University. Thanks to the presence of that school’s main campus, there are plenty of hotels in College Station at your disposal. Where you stay is likely to depend on how much you’re willing to spend, whether you prefer chain hotels in College Station or more intimate accommodations, and where you’d prefer to be geographically.

The vast majority of the hotels in College Station are located just to the west of the route that most people arrive on, State Highway 6, and just to the east of the A&M campus. Several hotels in College Station can be found on University Drive East, which intersects with State Highway 6 and is the exit that you’d get off on when visiting College Station. There’s also a decent array of College Station hotels on Texas Avenue South, which runs parallel to State Highway 6. Finally, there’s a smattering of hotels farther north on Texas Avenue South, on the way to the nearby city of Bryan.

College Station Hotels on University Drive East

Staying in hotels in College Station on University Drive East is quite convenient, since they’re seconds from the freeway and the campus. It’s easy to find any one of these hotels, since they’re within sight of State Highway 6. The Hawthorn Suites, for instance, is immediately on your right when exiting the highway. The average nightly rate to stay there is right around $100.

Farther west on University Drive East, you’ll find the Hilton College Station. Rates per night start at around $130, and this College Station hotel is located within walking distance of the Texas A&M campus.

College Station Hotels on Texas Avenue South

By continuing west on University Drive East, you’ll arrive at Texas Avenue South. There are several more hotels in College Station to choose from on this busy road. Nightly rates at most of the hotels on this stretch start at $100, since it’s directly across from where the A&M campus begins.

One of the most affordable College Station hotels on Texas Avenue South is the Knights Inn; average nightly rates are between $60 and $70. Another inexpensive option is the Super 8, which costs about $55 a night. If you’d prefer staying in a hotel in College Station that has a little more to offer, then the Plaza Hotel & Suites is a reasonable choice. It’s also the closest hotel to the main campus, and it’s located right across from University Housing; nightly rates start around $80.

College Station Hotels Near Bryan

If you don’t have a pressing need to be right near the Texas A&M campus – and would like to save some money when staying in College Station – you should consider booking a stay at one of the hotels on Texas Avenue South near the town of Bryan. There’s a Travelodge Hotel that charges about $70 per night; it’s near the intersection of Twin Boulevard. There’s also an America’s Best Value Inn & Suites that is extremely affordable, at around $55 per night. Whatever’s bringing you to town, there’s sure to be a hotel in College Station that will suit your needs.

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