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Grand Canyon Motels - Looking for Grand Canyon Motels? Consider These Options

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A trip to the Grand Canyon is one that you and your family won’t soon forget. However, arranging accommodations for your visit to this national park can be quite confusing. Depending on which part of the canyon you plan on visiting, there may be plenty of Grand Canyon motels – or hardly any at all. By familiarizing yourself with your options when it comes to motels in and around the Grand Canyon, you can increase your odds of having a smooth, seamless vacation there. Below, a practical breakdown of the most popular Grand Canyon motels is outlined for your convenience.

Grand Canyon Motels in the South Rim

When most people think of the Grand Canyon, they think of its South Rim. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is highly developed and there are plenty of options when it comes to hotels and motels. The vast majority of visitors to the Grand Canyon come to the South Rim, because it’s more convenient to get to and it’s easier to book motels there. If you’d like to visit the South Rim, you have two main regions to consider: Grand Canyon Village and Tusayan, Arizona.

Grand Canyon Village – Grand Canyon Village the proper name of the community that is in close proximity to the edge of the canyon itself. Grand Canyon motels in this area are generally quite expensive; if money is not an object, though, the convenience of being so close to the park is well worth it. Most of the motels in Grand Canyon Village are of the lodge variety; the El Tovar Hotel, Kachina Lodge and the Maswik Lodge are all prime examples. Make sure to make your Grand Canyon motels reservations well in advance if you’d like to stay at one of these places.

Tusayan – Tusayan, Arizona is located approximately ten miles south of the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. There are several moderately-priced motels in Tusayan, along with many restaurants and stores. The Best Western Squire Inn, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites, the Grand Canyon Hotel and the Canyon Plaza resort are all examples of Grand Canyon motels in Tusayan.

Grand Canyon Motels in the North Rim

While the South Rim of the Grand Canyon has many options in terms of motels, the North Rim is a whole different story. The North Rim is quite remote, but undeniably beautiful. In the actual park itself, there is a single hotel – the Grand Canyon Lodge – that books up early and often. Unlike the South Rim, there is no town near the North Rim that offers plenty of Grand Canyon motels. In fact, the nearest chain motels are more than eighty miles away, in Kanab, Utah. Other than a smattering of campsites and a few log cabins, there aren’t a whole lot of options in this breathtakingly scenic section of the Grand Canyon. If you’ve already seen the South Rim, though, you should definitely make a point of experiencing the North Rim at least once.

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