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Shannon Cheap Flights - Finding Cheap Flights To Shannon

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The Shannon Airport in Shannon, Ireland is mostly used for layovers. Whether that’s the case or you’re looking to enjoy what Shannon has to offer, it would be wise to look into to cheap airfare. If you are considering traveling to Shannon for leisure purposes, you will find the locals to be warm. They take pride in their surroundings without showing any signs of arrogance. There are also many neat attractions in Shannon, which include Buratty Castle and Folk Park, The Burren, Aillwee Cave, and Limerick City. Regardless of the purpose for your visit, this article will provide valuable information on cheap flights to Shannon, which should help improve your travel budget.

There are many sites to consider using when searching for ‘Shannon Cheap Flights.’ A few of the more popular sites are skyscanner.com, cheapflights.com, kayak.com, and cheapoair.com. We will look at what each of these sites has to offer. Hopefully, you will find a lead, or link, to the cheap Shannon flight you desire.

Skyscanner.com compares cheap flights from different cities and specializes in finding the cheapest dates to fly. For example, if you’re looking for a cheap flight to Shannon from New York, the best month to fly will be May. A roundtrip ticket can cost as low as $416. February, March, and November are also relatively cheap, at roundtrip prices of $534, $558, and $482, respectively. Boston also offers cheap flights to Shannon, but they’re usually indirect. The farther west you go in the US, the more expensive tickets get. For instance, the cheapest roundtrip ticket to Shannon from Houston is $935. And the cheapest roundtrip ticket to Shannon from Los Angeles is $1000.

If you use cheapflights.com, you first select the airport nearest you. There will be a list of states and airports to choose from right on the home page. Once you select your departure city, all the cheapest flights to Shannon within the next month will appear. A similar site is cheapoair.com. They guarantee the lowest prices, but be prepared for stops and layovers. If you’re willing to make these sacrifices, you can find roundtrip tickets to Shannon from east coast US cities for as low as $493. Kayak.com operates a little differently. Once you type in your destination – in this case Shannon, Ireland – the site will automatically search for the best deals offered in the past 48 hours. Because of this feature, it’s wise to visit kayak.com more than once. You never know what type of deal you might get. As of the writing of this article, there were roundtrip deals from New York to Shannon for as low as $450. From Boston – $520. From Chicago – $580. From Seattle – $800. And if you happen to be traveling from London, you can find roundtrip deals to Shannon from between $9 and $39.

In case you’re not familiar with the Shannon Airport, you should know what to expect. It’s a small airport only 15 miles from Limerick. There are short and long term parking options. Inside the terminal is a café, bar (open 24 hrs), gift shop, news store, and two nurseries. The closest hotel is The Shannon Great Southern Hotel, which is within walking distance.

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Shannon, the information in this article should help lead you in the right direction.

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