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Destin Beach Rentals - How to Find Your Dream Destin Beach Rental

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Destin, Florida is one of the best spring and summer break spots in the area, combining beautiful weather with a small-town atmosphere not seen in many other beach vacation destinations. Families and friends of all ages can have fun for a week or two renting one of the many condos on the beach, but the selection is so large as to bewilder the novice vacationer. Following these easy tips can help match you up with great Destin beach condos.

• You probably will want a beach rental during the expensive peak season of May to September, but you can still generally get a lower price if you begin searching for Destin beach rentals six months to a year beforehand.

• Start your search using local resources. The Northwest Florida Daily News has a website listing real estate, which you can begin calling. Search for the terms “Destin beach rentals” or “Destin beach condos” to find websites as well. Many of these sites focus on one specific condo, but some local businesses, like ResortQuest, or local real estate agents will represent several different properties. For last-minute renters, go to the Okaloosa/Walton County section of Craigslist and look at short-term rentals, some of these will be geared toward Destin beach condos. Look up the locations on a map; will they be within easy walking distance to clubs, restaurants, boat rentals or other forms of entertainment you’d want to have?

• Calling a local realtor or a friend who lives in the Northwest Florida area can sometimes give you a better idea of what the area will be like and what types of entertainment will be available. Some areas of Destin have a very active nightlife, and you may not want to be in a condo room next to a loud club if you’re trying to wake up early to go fishing the next morning.

• Call around and ask about the properties. Have they been recently renovated? What would rental cost be? What are the rental terms? If you’re using a real estate agent, what is the brokerage fee?

• Contact your real estate agent or property owner to get photographs of the actual room you will be renting; some rooms may vary in appearance from room pictures posted on websites for Destin beach condos.

• Make sure you have time to read over a contract before signing anything. You don’t want to be saddled with utility bills or cleaning fees you didn’t know about because you were too hasty to sign. Some Destin beach homes will come with beach chairs and grills for the deck, or daily or weekly housecleaning services; make sure you know whether you will be technically renting or purchasing these services, or if they are included with the cost of the rental.

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