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East Brunswick Hotels - Learn More About East Brunswick Hotels

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East Brunswick, New Jersey is a suburb of New York City and is located in bustling Middlesex County. If you’re visiting East Brunswick, you’re more than likely coming to town on business, or visiting a student at nearby Rutgers University. Although there aren’t a huge number of East Brunswick hotels to choose from, there’s a decent enough selection to allow most people to find what they need.

Unlike many cities, there isn’t one particular area where hotels in East Brunswick are concentrated. However, quite a few of them are within a few blocks of Interstate 95. In order to get a feel for what’s available when it comes to East Brunswick hotels, it helps to familiarize yourself with the geography of the region. Below, top examples of hotels in East Brunswick are highlighted based on location. Average nightly rates are also included, in case price is the most important thing to you in choosing an East Brunswick hotel.

Hotels North of Interstate 95

If you need to be close to the Rutgers University campus, then you should look for an East Brunswick hotel on the north side of I-95. The Holiday Inn Express is located mere seconds from the interstate, and is quite popular with people who are in town visiting the university. Nightly rates for this East Brunswick hotel start at $99.

Another popular hotel in East Brunswick that’s just to the north of I-95 is the Hilton East Brunswick. The lowest nightly rate that you’re likely to get – assuming you’re not qualified for any special discounts – is about $150. However, this is one of the nicest East Brunswick hotels and many people will be happy to pay the extra money.

Hotels South of Interstate 95

For those who have no pressing need to be close to Rutgers, there are a handful of East Brunswick hotels just to the south of the interstate. Most of them are located on New Jersey 18, which is the busiest road in this part of town. The Motel 6 offers rock-bottom rates starting around $50 per night. The Days Hotel, which is a little closer to the interstate, costs a little more at around $85 per night.

Additional Hotels in East Brunswick

In addition to the East Brunswick hotels that are located near I-95, there are a few others scattered around the city. On Main Street, you’ll find the Grande Hotel. This isn’t the fanciest or most well-appointed East Brunswick hotel, but it’s located near several restaurants and shops so it’s relatively convenient – especially for people who don’t have a vehicle.

Much farther south on New Jersey 18 is the Best Western. If you prefer staying in chain hotels, then this is an ideal option. Compared with many of the other East Brunswick hotels, the Best Western offers a wide array of amenities and services. Rates start at around $80 per night, which is quite a bargain considering how new and clean the property is. Put the Best Western at the top of your list of East Brunswick hotels.

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