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White Water Rafting Colorado - How to Prepare For A White Water Rafting Colorado Trip

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Riding the rapids offers an exciting alternative to a dull vacation lying on the beach. Not for the faint of heart or inactive, rafting appeals to only true adventurers. What can you expect from white water excursion? What should you expect if it is your first trip? How can you choose a rafting adventure company to book your experience with? The answers to these questions will guide you to making the best choices when it comes to preparing yourself for a real vacation.

When selecting a trip, consider the age and experience of the participant to choose between a half-day, full-day or multi-day excursion. The lengthier trips will require more stamina and likely venture into more difficult parts of the river. Talk to your guide about group requirements. Many companies require at least 10 people for a group for white water rafting Colorado trip, but some will put together groups of individual rafters.

Ask your guide about the classification of the sections of the river set for the course. Rapids have classifications ranging from I to VI. Class I are the easiest without obvious waves and are best for the youngest members of the family and those just wanting a leisurely trip down the river. Class II rapids are still for novice rafters with some regular waves. You might be required to paddle in these sections, but it is still a fun ride for older children and family members. A class III section should be left for those with some experience aged from teens and older. Class III rapids require navigating with the paddles to avoid obstacles. Class IV and V advanced and expert, respectively. Only adult rafters with extensive experience should attempt these. Class VI rapids cannot be safely run in a commercial white water rafting Colorado trip due to the extreme danger.

Whichever excursion company you choose, be sure to bring clothes which dry quickly, a change of dry clothes in a resealable bag, sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses on a cord. Carry a disposable water-proof camera to take pictures along the way of the stunning views from the bottom of the many canyons in Colorado. Most of these views will only be available to those directly on the river, and your white water rafting Colorado trip will provide you this rare perspective. The rafting company should provide you with a life vest, helmet and other safety equipment for your trip down the rapids.

Check all of your equipment and address any questions and concerns you have with your leader before getting into the boat. Once on your raft, enjoy the scenery, excitement and fun of white water rafting in Colorado.

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