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Honolulu Rental Cars - Finding Good Deals on Honolulu Rental Cars

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A rental car has traditionally been considered a major part of a vacation in Hawaii. Given the relatively small size of the island of Oahu, guests to Honolulu can easily get to the North Shore on the other end of the island in less than an hour. Given the high cost of a vacation in Hawaii, though, saving money on a rental car is imperative.

One popular way to find a good deal on Honolulu car rentals is to include it in a travel package. Although travel packages frequently cost the same as individually pricing out each separate item, this is not always the case in Hawaii. Many reputable tour companies will periodically offer “car-included” packages in which not only are the air and hotel prices quite competitive, but, in addition to this, the car is thrown in for free. Obviously, this is the best possible deal on car rentals in Honolulu.

Every tip that works on the mainland to find deals on car rentals will work in Honolulu. One should always look for airline discounts, AAA or AARP discounts. In addition to this, Entertainment cards, corporate discounts, and bookings through discount warehouse stores will also typically work in Hawaii. Finally, opaque bidding sites such as Priceline and Hotwire will also offer significant discounts on rental cars in Hawaii. On top of these typical strategies, though, there are some unique considerations for the Honolulu car rental market.

The first strategy is to downsize one’s car as much as possible. Honolulu is an extremely tight city with challenging street parking conditions, small garage spaces, narrow lanes and high levels of traffic on the H-1 highway. A smaller car will not only be easier to handle and park, but will also be both cheaper to rent and to fill with expensive fuel.

A second strategy is to do without a car as much as possible. If one is staying in the Waikiki area, a car is not only unnecessary but is actually a detriment. The Waikiki area is best seen on foot and is also well served by taxicabs. Pearl Harbor can be easily reached by tour bus or taxi, and many feel that the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve snorkeling site is best when visited by low-cost direct city bus due to extreme challenges in parking. To visit the outer areas of the island, one can simply rent a car by the day at any of the myriad car rentals in the tourist-heavy parts of Honolulu. Even with a slightly higher daily rate, the savings will be considerable compared to a full-trip rental.

Finally, pre-purchasing fuel a tank of fuel is an unnecessary expense for Honolulu rental cars. Given the small size of the island, few visitors will actually use a full tank of gas. In addition to this, there is a gas station located right at the airport on Rodgers Avenue which makes refueling both fast and easy.

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