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Rental Car Los Angeles - Getting a Rental Car in Los Angeles

car rentals los angeles

More than any other city in the country, Los Angeles is defined by its car-based culture. Because of the way that the city is set up, it is almost impossible to navigate without personal transportation. Furthermore, given the large distances involved in getting from place to place in Los Angeles, taxicabs rapidly become uneconomical. Put as simply as possible, a rental car is mandatory.

The rental car agencies serving Los Angeles International Airport, which people usually refer to by its initials, LAX, are all off-airport, although they are extremely close by. With this in mind, the differences between rental car companies are minimized, since all will require a ride on a time-consuming shuttle. On the other hand, the good news is that because Los Angeles is such a competitive market for car rentals, pricing is relatively low. In addition to this, the taxes and fees added onto a car rental, although more onerous than in nearby San Diego, are still much lower than in some other West Coast destinations.

Because of the unique nature of driving in Los Angeles, one’s needs from a rental car may be different than elsewhere. The biggest issue is that most visitors to Los Angeles end up spending a great deal of time in their car, and much of that time is spent sitting in traffic. Without a detailed understanding of traffic flows and alternate routes, it is very hard to avoid Los Angeles’ infamous traffic snarls. With this in mind, being in a car can be a very stressful experience. As such, renting an adequately comfortable, and pleasant, vehicle will be money well-spent in Los Angeles.

It is extremely easy to get lost in Los Angeles. Although many of the streets in the actual city follow a grid, the freeway system is quite intricate. With this in mind, most visitors to Los Angeles will want some sort of GPS navigation in their rental cars. Given the high cost of renting a unit from a Los Angeles rental car agency, it makes more sense to either buy one and keep it or buy one and resell it on eBay or Craigslist. Please note that windshield-mounted GPS units are illegal in California, so the purchase of a dashboard friction mount is strongly recommended.

Finally, Los Angeles can be a beautiful place to drive. Driving along Mulholland Drive where many stars live or seeing the ocean views from the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu are key parts of visiting LA. With this in mind, it can be a great place to rent a convertible or sports car. One tip for those who do not absolutely need to have this type of car is to attempt to upgrade at the airport. Frequently, one can upgrade to a car of this type for much less than the cost of booking it in advance. Remember, though, that convertibles tend to have limited luggage space. Whatever one drives, though, rental cars are the best way to experience Los Angeles.

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