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Denver Hotels Motels - How to Get Great Deals on Denver Hotels and Motels

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Denver is a top vacation destination any time of the year, offering close proximity to ski resorts in winter, nearby hiking and rafting during the summer, and all manner of arts, eating, and entertainment year-round. Read this guide in order to get the best deals on Denver hotels and motels no matter when you’re visiting.

Depending on when you are trying to get a Denver, CO hotel room, you may be best suited making arrangements ahead of time. Hotels in Denver’s downtown area, such as The Brown Palace or the Hotel Monaco are often packed during the summer and for holidays like New Year’s Eve, so by booking your room a few months in advance you can often get cheaper rates, as well as be guaranteed a room during these busy times of year. Large chain hotels located near the 16th Street pedestrian mall, such as the Hyatt Regency or Sheraton Downtown Denver branches would also fall into this category of requiring advance notice in order to get the best possible deal.

By knowing the purpose of your trip to Denver, you can know where to look for the best deals on Denver hotels and motels. If you’re visiting for business, chances are you will want a room downtown or near the Denver Tech Center. Using an online search or looking through a phone book will reveal the hotels in the area, many of which feature online deals or coupons, as well as competitive pricing for the business-minded visitor. These are the types of hotels which will sometimes offer discounts to anyone whose sole purpose for visiting is business.

For someone visiting friends on the outskirts of Denver, or who wishes to travel to ski resorts or hiking trails, searching for Denver Colorado motels may be an even better option than spending extra money on centrally located, but pricier hotels. There are certain websites which can be looked up to find last-minute discount deals on Denver hotel or motel rooms; however, the drawback is that you may not have a full pick of locations from this option. By noting the prices and calling other hotels in the area, if you prefer to stay in a certain place or with a certain Denver hotel chain, you can sometimes receive the same discount as you would had you purchased your room online.

Finally, if you have friends or family in Denver, ask them about where to find great values on Denver’s hotel and motel circuit. There are many smaller hotels which offer clean lodging at a discount price, but who choose not to widely advertise online or in the phone book. If you are considering staying in Denver for extended periods of time, these are sometimes the best option since these Denver economy hotels will sometimes offer full kitchens and weekly rate discounts.

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