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Concerts In Las Vegas - How to find concerts in Las Vegas

concerts las vegas

Las Vegas is a huge spot for entertainment of all kinds, whether talking about variety shows or musical acts. The cool thing about concerts in Las Vegas is that there is a wide selection of both native acts and traveling shows to keep up with. Some musicians have set up shop permanently, while others spend a month at a time doing special concerts. Others visit Las Vegas just as they would any other city, playing a show or two at a time. If you want the best concerts Las Vegas has to offer, then you need to know where to look for all of these different shows.

The well known, permanent acts
When you start to search for concerts in Las Vegas, you should know about the acts that have become a part of what Vegas is all about. These are some of the concerts Las Vegas is known for, and they are relatively affordable on most nights. Barry Manilow used to play at the Hilton, but his act is now at the Paris. Garth Brooks is now a weekend regular at the Wynn. These shows add some legitimacy to the concerts in Las Vegas, though there are plenty more offerings that you need to concern yourself with.

Traveling acts come to Vegas
It should come as no surprise that many famous musicians have concerts in Las Vegas during the year. The problem for travelers is knowing and keeping up with the list of musicians who will be in town, so that you can prepare and purchase tickets. There are lots of different venues around town, with the MGM Grand’s Garden Arena being one of the most popular. A nice resource to keep on hand if you are coming to Las Vegas is http://www.lvol.com/events/concerts.html. This list is updated often and can keep you abreast of concerts Las Vegas has to show off.

Some examples of musicians who come to the city over the course of the year include Jimmy Buffett, the Steve Miller Band, B.B. King, John Mayer, and many more. There are acts across all different musical genres, so you will generally have the chance to see something different every night. Keeping up with when and where they are playing is the first step.

Act that you might not have heard of
Don’t just think about the big acts when you come to Las Vegas. Some of the best concerts in Las Vegas are by musicians that you have probably never heard of. In smaller lounges and bars across the city, up and comers perform each night. The nice thing about these shows is that you won’t have to pay a huge price for tickets, and availability will not be a concern. Eastside Cannery is one place that flies under the radar, while hosting some incredible musical talents during the year. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try a band that you aren’t familiar with. You might just find one of the best concerts in Las Vegas.

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