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Broadway Shows New York - Getting Cheap Tickets to Broadway Shows In New York

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So you’re planning a trip down to the great white way, and you’re not happy to shell out full price for a seat? With some of the cheapest tickets on Broadway still running over $100, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking for ways to cut corners (and prices) on their show-stopping spending. There are plenty of options for those who want to pay less than full price for their tickets, although some of these methods require more preparation than others.

1. The TKTS Booth
While you’re unlikely to nab tickets to the hottest new show at the one of New York City’s three TKTS booths, you are likely to find discounted tickets to much-loved Broadway mainstays and lauded performances. A good portion of each day’s Broadway tickets are available at these locations, which can be found in Times Square (under a newly-built booth at the landmark public plaza’s north end), at the South Street Seaport, and in Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Mall. If you don’t mind waiting in line for a short while, probably around twenty to thirty minutes, you can go through the lines at these locations and purchase tickets to shows for that day’s performances. The Fulton Street branch also sells matinees for the next day’s shows. While the best discounts run at about 50% of full price tickets, selection becomes limited as the day goes on, so going first thing in the morning is the best way to get tickets to the show you want.

2. Ticket Lotteries
Ever since the early days of RENT’s production at the Nederlander Theater, shows have been holding ticket lotteries at the last minute to give some of the best seats in the house to their die-hard fans, for low prices. WICKED continued RENT’s tradition, and each day you can go to a number of theaters around 6pm and get your name on the list for the evening’s ticket lottery. At a set time (usually about 7:00) they call off the names of that day’s winners, who are then permitted to purchase tickets for a greatly reduced rate (usually under $30).

3. Last-minute Student Standby
This only works if you’re a student, or have had the foresight to get a friend’s student ID ahead of time. Many Broadway shows offer student standby tickets at reduced rates for partial-view seats. What most people don’t realize is that very seldom are “partially blocked view” seats as bad as you think they are, so as a student, this can be a great way to get a cheap ticket for an all-star Broadway show.

4. Buying Through a Broker
But what if you need to plan your Broadway tickets farther ahead of time than these methods allow? Well, another option you can pursue is purchasing your tickets from an online ticket broker, but in doing this shoppers should realize that those brokers are often not related to the original ticket sales company and your tickets may therefore not have the same protections. Carefully review your ticket broker’s policy before purchasing this kind of ticket.

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