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New York, NY is the most populated city in the United States, one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet, and the financial capital of the world.  Because of this, millions of people travel to New York each year for personal and professional purposes.  Due to the intense demand for New York, NY hotels, the prices of staying in a hotel in New York can be quite expensive.  Luckily, there are several ways to find deals on New York, NY hotels. 
One way to get a good deal on a New York, NY hotels is to shop around.  While there is a large demand for hotels in New York, there are literally thousands of hotels across the five boroughs which may be offering a great deal.  One great way to shop for cheap New York, NY hotels is to look online.  Through the use of online hotel searches, you can search for hotels in a specific area or search for hotels that provide specific amenities.  The online hotel search engine will then provide you a list of the cheapest hotels that provide both the location and the amenities that you are looking for. 
Another way to find discounts on New York, NY hotels would be to negotiate directly with the hotel.  Due to the poor economic conditions, travel to New York for both personal and professional reasons is at its lowest point in years.  Because of this, many hotels frequently have well less than full occupancy, and are often willing to offer deals to those who ask.  By calling a hotel a few days in advance of your stay, you may be able to get a discount off of the full price if they have a lot of available rooms. 

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