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Rohnert Park Hotels - A Guide to the Best Rohnert Park Hotels

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Nestled in the heart of California’s Sonoma County, Rohnert Park is a popular stopover spot and vacation headquarters for people who are visiting the region. If you’re planning a Sonoma wine country tour, and are considering Rohnert Park for your accommodations, then you’d probably like to find out what your best options are. While there aren’t a huge number of Rohnert Park hotels, there’s a large enough variety to ensure that virtually any visitor can find what he needs. Simply your search for the ideal Rohnert Park hotel by reading through the information below.

Northwest Rohnert Park Hotels

Rohnert Park is intersected by Highway 101, which runs north and south; it’s also divided by the Rohnert Park Expressway, which runs east and west. Rohnert Park hotels are located in three of the four “quadrants” that are created by these intersecting freeways. In the northwest section of Rohnert Park, there are three hotels to choose from.

The Hampton Inn and Suites, on Redwood Drive, is an example of an affordable yet accommodating Rohnert Park hotel. Hot breakfasts are included with the nightly rate, which averages around $110. There’s an onsite swimming pool and a golf course nearby. Since it’s right off of Highway 101, it’s easy to get to and from the Hampton Inn.

Another Rohnert Park hotel in the northwest section of town is the Rodeway Inn. Like the Hampton Inn, nightly rates for this hotel start at $110. There are 120 guest rooms, which is similar to what most other Rohnert Park hotels have to offer. The rooms are spacious and clean.

The Budget Inn is the third and final hotel in the northwest section of Rohnert Park. As the name implies, this is a budget hotel that offers very affordable nightly rates. At $42 per night, this is one of the least expensive hotels in Rohnert Park.

Southwest Rohnert Park Hotels

There’s one hotel in the southwest section of Rohnert Park, which is to the west of Highway 101 and to the south of the Rohnert Park Expressway. The Best Western Inn on Redwood Drive is in a quiet location; rates start at $85 per night. If you’re looking for a place to headquarter yourself when embarking on tours of Sonoma wine country, the Best Western is one of the most conveniently located Rohnert Park hotels and is well worth your consideration.

Northeast Rohnert Park Hotels

The northeast section of Rohnert Park – which is to the east of Highway 101 and to the north of the Rohnert Park Expressway – offers one hotel, the Motel 6. It’s located on Commerce Boulevard, and is a very affordable option for those in need of a comfortable Rohnert Park hotel. At $40 per night, rooms at the Motel 6 are a great way to lower the bill for a Sonoma County vacation.

There may not be dozens of Rohnert Park hotels to choose from, but the modest selection is varied enough to allow most people to find something that suits their needs.

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