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Monterey Hotel Reservations - How to Enjoy Monterey Hotel Reservations

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During the hot summer months, when California’s interior valleys undulate with heat, cool breezes blow in the seaside town of Monterey. Once famous for its canneries, contemporary Monterey is now known for its aquarium, where silvery schools of fish circle in the lobby, and incandescent jellyfish float ominously in the glass tanks below. The aquarium has expanded its holdings to include immersive exhibits on the sea life of the Outer Bay and the green, sun-dappled Kelp Forest. To stand on the exterior deck of the aquarium, looking out on clear waters that were once strewn with fishing boats, is to appreciate the tides of history.

Monterey hotel reservations can be made in gorgeous luxury hotels on the waterfront, quaint bed and breakfasts nestled along the coastline, or in traditional economy hotels situated farther inland. In central Monterey, individually owned storefronts, many of them selling blown glass and other handcrafted mementos, occupy the old cannery warehouses. Walk along the sidewalk that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and the sharp, salty wind will whip through your hair, regardless of the season.

Making a hotel reservation in central Monterey allows for a more relaxed investigation of the town’s restaurants and bars. Fewer afternoons have melted more comfortably into evening than with a plate of sautéed mushrooms and a seat next to the bay windows of the restaurant, overlooking the rocky shoreline of the sea. From such a vantage point, surrounded by custom carved redwood and the faint thrum of classical guitar, patrons have been known to watch the last rays of the sun as they are reflected on distant building windows. Past the line of the surf, sea lions pop up their heads occasionally, glimmer in the sun, and then submerge themselves once again to pursue their own aquatic business. The sun fades, twilight descends, and if it’s not a foggy night, a small village of warm yellow lights appears on the near shore.

After dinner, the walk back to your hotel in Monterey can be a pleasant stroll, uninterrupted by noisy traffic or jarring billboards. Although heavily populated in the summer months during the day, by night the town has quieted so that only the sound of crashing waves can be heard on the otherwise still air. Despite its industrial history, Monterey has retained much of its original geography. In places, the old pylons and piers are falling back into the waves.

Making reservations for a hotel in Monterey is recommended, especially if travel is planned during the summer months. However, Monterey is gorgeous even in the coldest months. Many of the seaside hotels offer luxurious spa treatments and in-house dining with amazing sea views. But wherever a hotel reservation is made, exploration of the town by foot is the best means of enjoying Monterey. Buying a few handcrafted curios, brunching in the refreshing open air, and catching a glimpse of the buoyant sea life are just some of the pleasurable activities that can be enjoyed within walking distance of a Monterey, California hotel.

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