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National Rental Cars - Renting from National Rental Cars

national auto rental

National Rental Cars is one of the three full service car rental companies serving the United States, along with Hertz and Avis. Headquartered in the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri, they have over 3000 locations across the world. Thanks to their large number of on-airport locations, they are frequently one of the most convenient choices available for travelers to any of the myriad number of communities that they serve.

National Car Rental started in 1947 as a group of independent car rental agencies. For most of their history, they have been a major innovator in the industry. For example, in 1954, they were the first major brand to allow one-way rentals for drivers who wanted to drop a car off at a different location from where it was rented. They were the first car rental company with a computerized reservation system as well, due to their deployment of Telemax in 1966.

In 1987, they deployed the Emerald Club, which was the first frequent renter program as well as the first to offer express paperless rental service. They debuted the concept of allowing customers to choose their own car with the Emerald Aisle for club members which they then expanded to serve all of their customers through their Choice Rental Process. Finally, they expanded their paperless service to all customers in 2002 through their QuickRent service. This commitment to convenience for their renters has made National one of the leading providers of auto rentals to business travelers.

Although the National rental car brand serves the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, Asia and the rest of the Pacific Rim, the company’s reach is actually much farther. Thanks to their alliance with Europcar, they are a part of the world’s largest car rental network, offering service in just about every country on Earth.

National’s United States fleet consists mostly of General Motors vehicles with the exception of the compact class, which is typically a Nissan Versa. Their base fleet ranges from subcompact vehicles all of the way to large SUVs, 15 passenger vans, and pickup trucks. In addition to this, they offer a number of specialty vehicles from other manufacturers with Toyota Prius, Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Jeep Wrangler vehicles all frequently available at National locations. As with other rental agencies, though, the selection of cars will vary depending on what is in stock at a particular location.

National frequently shares locations with its sister brand, Alamo. Alamo is a low-price provider which is primarily aimed at the tourist market. In addition to Alamo and Europcar, National is also tied to its new corporate parent, Enterprise Rent-a-Car who acquired them in 2007.

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