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Rental Cars San Diego - Rental Cars in San Diego: Necessities on Four Wheels

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San Diego may very well be the best place in the country for car rentals. The agencies are convenient to the airport, gas is readily available, rates are reasonable, and it is a beautiful city in which to drive.

Although only the three major national agencies—Hertz, Avis and National—enjoy a location directly across from the airport, just about every rental agency is nearby. Most other companies are located slightly to the east of the airport along either Pacific Highway or Kettner. In all cases, the shuttle bus ride is extremely short, and access to the car is quite easy.

Due to high degree of competition between the large number of agencies close to the airport coupled with the combination of budget-conscious leisure and government travelers visiting the city, car rentals in San Diego are very affordable. Although shopping around is recommended, one will find that both rates and fees are quite reasonable. Rental fleets in San Diego tend to be relatively heavily worn, though.

One key factor involved in renting a car in San Diego is whether or not to visit Mexico. To bring a rental car into Mexico will require both the permission of the rental agency and the purchase of Mexican automobile insurance from the agency. This insurance can be quite expensive at as much as $30 per day for a run-of-the-mill vehicle. It is typically offered as an option by Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Fox, Hertz, and Thrifty, although this list could change. Please note that entering Mexico in a rental car without insurance from the agency in San Diego is extremely foolish and could result in significant fines, arrest and imprisonment.

Even if one does not choose to venture into Mexico and drive the beautiful seaside toll road connecting Tijuana to Ensenada, a rental car is a necessity in San Diego. Tourist attractions are spread out throughout the city. In addition, two of the San Diego area’s most prominent attractions—the Wild Animal Park and Legoland—are located even greater distances in the suburbs. Luckily, San Diego is an easy city in which to drive. Freeways are plentiful and clearly marked and the traffic is light by California standards.

Those with an interest in the desert may want to take an 80 mile drive to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It contains 600,000 acres of beautiful Mojave desert and, during spring, is home to what many consider the world’s best display of desert wildflowers. Most tourists miss this unique place, and a rental car is the only way to get there from San Diego.

San Diego is a beautiful city with alluring attractions. It also offers relatively easy and low cost parking, a relatively simple road system, and convenient rental car agencies. Because of all of this, rental cars are the best way to get around San Diego.

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