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Valet Parking Gatwick - All About Valet Parking At Gatwick Airport

gatwick valet parking

Gatwick Airport is located just south of London in Crawley, West Sussex. It’s an excellent location for those visiting and departing London for business and leisure purposes. It’s the busiest single-runway airport in the world, as well as the second busiest airport in the UK behind London Heathrow Airport. There are two terminals to choose from at Gatwick Airport, which are the north and south terminals. Selecting the correct terminal can save you a lot of time and aggravation. We will focus on these two terminals in this article, with valet parking being a central focus. Valet parking at Gatwick Airport offers the quickest way in and out of the terminal and your car will be kept in a secure location.

Valet parking at Gatwick airport is available at both the north and south terminals. However, there are several differences between the valet parking at these two terminals. Valet parking at the south terminal takes place at the terminal forecourt. This is for drop-off and pick-up. The height restriction is 6’6 ft. Valet parking at the north terminal takes place on Level 3 of the Short Stay Park. This is for drop-off and pick-up. The height restriction is 6’0 ft. Valet parking at both terminals costs 35.10 Euro per day. The rate for two days is $65.95. Three days is $84.95. Four days is $99.95. Five days is $114.95. Every day after that is an additional $15. There is no time limit.

Booking in advance for valet parking is possible for both terminals. You will be able to walk to either terminal from the valet parking location. The walk to the south terminal is approximately 2 minutes and the walk to the north terminal is approximately 2-5 minutes. While valet parking at the south terminal makes more sense, it’s recommended that you go to gatwickariport.com and use the ‘Which Terminal’ link to see what option fits you best. The ‘Which Terminal’ link will show you what airlines fly out of which terminal.

If you don’t want to use valet parking at Gatwick Airport, you can still use Long Term Parking. This option is best if you’re going to be away for more than two days. It costs 8.90 Euro per day at both terminals. Transfer time from the south terminal can be anywhere from 2 to 12 minutes, depending on what car park you choose. Long Stay Plus Gatwick is the closest car park. Other south terminal options include: Long Stay South Terminal (self-park only) and Summer Special Parking Gatwick (north side of airport). Transfers from the North Terminal will take anywhere from 3 to 12 minutes. The most convenient car park option if using the north terminal is the Gatwick NCP Flight Car Park.

If you have stayed in London and need a hotel transfer, use Hotel by Bus. This service only costs 3 Euro for adults and 2 Euro for children. It operates at the following hotels: Ibis Gatwick, Travelodge Gatwick Airport, Ramada Plaza Gatwick, and Crown Plaza Gatwick-Crawley.

After you long-term or valet park your car within Gatwick Airport and get inside the terminal, there will be plenty to do. There are 33 restaurants, with categories of breakfast, family favorites, upscale dining, on the go, budget-friendly, pubs/bars, and healthy. There are also many shopping options, with categories of fashion, technology, souvenirs, food and wine, children, books/magazines, and duty-free. And if you need to relax, there are coin-operated massage chairs.

The information in this article should improve your valet parking, long-term parking, or hotel transfer experience.

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