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Michigan City Hotels - How to Find the Best Michigan City Hotels

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Whether you’re coming to Michigan City, Indiana for business or pleasure, your top priority is going to be finding a Michigan City hotel that meets all of your needs. Location, price and amenities are all going to come into play when trying to find the best Michigan City hotels. Before making your decision, it helps to get an overview of the types of Michigan City hotels that are available. From chain hotels to small, independent operations, you can take your pick from one of several options right in the city. To narrow down your search for a Michigan City hotel, check out the information below.

Where Are Most Michigan City Hotels Located?

Like many cities, most of the hotels in Michigan City are clustered near the interstate that divides it. Indeed, the vast majority of Michigan City hotels are located just north of Interstate 94; most of them are at the intersection of Franklin Street and West 400 North. To put that into perspective, most Michigan City hotels are just a minute or two off of the freeway. A few of the most popular hotels in that part of Michigan City are:

Clarion Inn and Suites – This Michigan City hotel is located right on Franklin Street and offers a wide assortment of rooms and rates. Conveniently, there is a sports bar/restaurant directly attached to the Clarion, making it easy to stave off hunger when in town.

Comfort Inn – Although this Michigan City hotel isn’t located directly on Franklin Street, it’s only half a block to the east; it’s still very close to the interstate, too. Rates are very competitive at the Comfort Inn, and there’s also a large indoor swimming pool that’s sure to come in handy for traveling families.

Red Roof Inn – With some of the lowest rates of all of the Michigan City hotels, the Red Roof Inn on Franklin Street is a prime choice for travelers on a budget. Although there’s not a lot in the way of amenities, the rooms are clean and the staff is friendly.

Michigan City Hotels Near the Lake

If you’d prefer staying in a Michigan City hotel near Lake Michigan, you have a few different options at your disposal. There are a couple of bed and breakfasts in this part of town, but if you’re strictly looking for a hotel then the Blackhawk Motel on US-12 is your best bet. For a more relaxing experience, you could book a stay at the Dunes Shore Inn. Compared with the south section of the city, Michigan City hotels near Lake Michigan tend to be geared toward families and couples on vacation.

A few other great Michigan City hotels are:

Travel Inn – Located just a few blocks south of the lake, on Franklin Street, the Travel Inn is a reasonably priced Michigan City hotel. It’s also centrally located, making it a nice option for those who plan on exploring the city.

Blue Chip Casino & Hotel – To mix a little fun in with your visit, book a stay at this Michigan City hotel just south of Michigan Boulevard.

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